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LeVirya & Borey. - Where the Crawfish Sing

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In short, LeVirya and Broey.’s collaborative project “Where The Crawfish Sing'' is all about finding your inner oasis through nature. Aspects of the production, such as the field recordings, were specifically recorded during tranquil moments in nature in order to accurately capture the relaxed and harmonious vibe that is prevalent throughout the EP. “Where The Crawfish Sing'' is also the first of Aviary Bridge’s visual stories. In the foreground of the gorgeous organic sounds of LeVirya and Broey., the story of Irene unveils itself in a fairytale-esque manner. Written by Broey. and LeVirya, the spellbinding story tells of a crawfish who finds out the hard way exactly what life is like for a human.
Laden with Broey.’s smooth guitars and LeVirya’s gentle percussion, “Where The Crawfish Sing” is sure to capture the hearts of those looking for an escape. Though the EP is calm and softly-spoken, it captures a certain heavy emotive energy which is sure to stick with listeners for a long time. In conclusion, “Where The Crawfish Sing” is indeed an anchor point to recharge, chill out and find momentary peace and serenity. However, LeVirya and Broey., with the help of stunning visuals, have also managed to tell a very ‘human’ story in the process. Being human is often messy, and in fact, the opposite of serene. However, with “Where The Crawfish Sing”, the two producers have managed to create an equilibrium between the two states of being.