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Vedance - Plunge (Vinyl)

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3/12 Zodiac Series

'Verdance' is the Downtempo/Electronic alias of Instrumental Hip Hop Beatmaker 'Handbook'; Jake Brown from York (UK). Bonobo-esque sampling techniques and danceable grooves give this project a familiar feel, but through unique soundscapes Jake creates worlds that only he could.
Verdance: "this project is a gateway to another world. Music has been that kind of salvation of late. If I can't find a musical world I want to escape to, I create one of my own. Plunge is my retreat, and hopefully listeners can escape there too"
In no way inferior to some of the greats (Bonobo, Emancipator, Tor, Maribou State, Tycho), Plunge is a timeless project that you will keep coming back to time after time after time.