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Uevo - Up Above

Uevo - Up Above

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Following up on his previous albums Distance and Retrospective, Uevo is now releasing his 3rd studio album called Up Above.

A full journey through space

It’s a groundbreaking and conceptual instrumental album filled with dreamy atmospheres and luscious guitars, taking the listener on a ride through the galaxy.

Working together closely with Aviary Bridge Records on this project.

“Makin this project was almost like meditation to me. I sat down from morning to night for a while and just made music. It all started to come together when i did some new sound design and encountered these ethereal pads that sucked me into this project.

Every track starts off with these dreamy pads, that create the setting. The tracks develop and i always put some emphasis on the lead guitar, which really tells the story in my opinion.

I really pictured myself in a sort of space or time travel, where i was just flying away and forgetting time. And this is the vibe i wanted to create, to really take the listener on a journey through space.

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