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The Hidden - The Science Museum

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Never one to conform, The Hidden branches out from his familiar sounds of luscious Lo-Fi grooves and seeks to intertwine them with more electronic and synth based instrumentation. “The Science Museum” delves deeper into these electronic soundscapes and delivers 5 tracks of hybrid styles that truly showcase The Hidden as a versatile artist that is willing to step outside his comfort zone and pursue creativity where ever it takes him.
“The concept is about combining our knowledge of science and nature with humankind's desires to generate 'life itself'. Convincingly less artificial and more organic methods will shape our imminent future as we look deeper within the nano technologies of evolving evolution towards its inevitable 'beautiful' automation.”
We start our journey to beautiful automation with a track entitled “We Are All Free”. An awe-inspiring soundscape of synth pads gliding across the stereo field and layered with melodies that seep into existence over an 808 inspired drum break. This track was written during lockdown due to covid restrictions. However the mantra of “We Are All Free” resonated in the misstate of free thinking and time to spend on more creative endeavours during this time, perpetuating the thought of freedom as an internal feeling opposed to an external state of being. The title track “The Science Museum” is a call back to the more organic influences as its uplifting melody drives the track forward from a swinging break to luscious guitar riffs from the endlessly talented Curt Black and stabbing vocal samples all mix with foley and a pulsing bass line to create a unique take on Hip Hop grooves.
1989 is a hard hitting track with elements reminiscent of 90’s rave music. Horn stabs set the tempo and the drums follow with scattered percussion fills and topped with an iconic flute solo before the beat breaks down into a bouncing groove that immediately captures the ears and leads the head nodding for long after the track has finished.
The head nodding slows but by no means stops as we continue through to “Wonders Of The World”. The penultimate track and another outstanding demonstration of The Hidden’s ability to fuse multiple styles into a cohesive singular. Swinging grooves emanating from a dusty break, layered with percussion shots and chord progressions which melt seamlessly into synth stabs and FX to bring together the theme of organic colliding with synthetic.
The Finale of this project comes in the form of “New Life”. A fitting name to round off the concept of the EP and it delivers perfection sonically too. Bringing the tempo back up to a middle ground between the previous tracks with its stuttered and bouncing melodic elements that ricochet off the heavy kick and bass line. A precisely calculated ending to a fully immersive project.