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Smeeagain - The Split

Smeeagain - The Split

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Bringing together Pin 7 & Pin 10 to create this mini single project “The Split” was a great idea from Smeeagain - We’re loving both of these tracks!

Pin 7

”Smeeagain and Rainn team up to bring this beautiful track that flows from start to finish in jazzy lofi progressions that are filled with soul and groove. These two never fail to impress, bringing something new and interesting to the table. Irresistible melodies patter through the leads blacked up by infectious drum grooves and overlaid with Rainn’s signature jazz like skat vocals that add depth and emotion to the melodies. This is sure to captivate and calm.”

Pin 10

”Smeeagain brings his signature sound with shuffling tops swinging from crisp drums to this track. A crisp snare that punctuates the lead melodies and ricochets fills to keep the grooves moving and interesting. Keys rise from chords and guitars riff through subtle synth stabs. Stuttered fills move the track from phrase to phrase. This track has something of everything in a perfect and beautiful cacophony of lofi sounds.”

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