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rocomoco & The Hidden - Purring Kitten

rocomoco & The Hidden - Purring Kitten

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The second instalment from rocomoco & The Hidden, “Purring Kitten” features some of the most intricate instrumentation and progressions in the lofi space. This collaborative force uses lucious guitar licks that intertwine with dusty chords, whirling pads and gritty textures. This expansive collection of carefully crafted sounds all compliment each other and push the track forward through subtle and beautiful progressions. Perfect to sit back and relax, as its lush tones take you away.
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A producer duo from Berlin releasing beats since 2018. Operating in chilled vibes, jazzy guitars and dusty beats with a forward-looking left-leaning edge...

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The Hidden

British artist The Hidden is always evolving and adapting his private collection of lo-fi recordings, musical ideas and visual experiments...

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