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rocomoco & The Hidden - Night Flight

rocomoco & The Hidden - Night Flight

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Chords sweep through the track, evoking a sense of tranquillity and uplifting emotions. Meanwhile, the drums pulse and sway, creating a rhythmic foundation that keeps the momentum alive. Guitars enter the mix, riffing and sliding with rhythmic precision, adding an extra layer of groove to the composition. As the track progresses, discover a delightful assortment of additional elements, including carefully placed effects and ear candy, that keep the sonic landscape exciting and ever-evolving.

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A producer duo from Berlin releasing beats since 2018. Operating in chilled vibes, jazzy guitars and dusty beats with a forward-looking left-leaning edge...

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The Hidden

British artist The Hidden is always evolving and adapting his private collection of lo-fi recordings, musical ideas and visual experiments...

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