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rocomoco & The Hidden - All Of A Sudden It Was Easy

rocomoco & The Hidden - All Of A Sudden It Was Easy

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The deep bass grooves rumble through the lows from the perfectly swung drums pulse and sway with infectious rhythm while the addition of foley recordings truly elevates the experience, adding a human and real-life element that grounds the piece and brings it to life. Melodies gracefully float through the leads, drifting and meandering as they ignite your imagination. This track is a masterful fusion of rhythm, atmosphere, and melody, capturing the essence of musical escapism.

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A producer duo from Berlin releasing beats since 2018. Operating in chilled vibes, jazzy guitars and dusty beats with a forward-looking left-leaning edge...

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The Hidden

British artist The Hidden is always evolving and adapting his private collection of lo-fi recordings, musical ideas and visual experiments...

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