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ROCOMOCO & FRIENDS - Chilled Vibes Only (Vinyl)

ROCOMOCO & FRIENDS - Chilled Vibes Only (Vinyl)

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ROCOMOCO & FRIENDS "Chilled Vibes Only" -  

the coloured double vinyl limited edition 

It's the five years ROCOMOCO anniversary edition with 15 remixes and 16 original tracks. Get chilled by an ocean of lo-fi hip-hop sounds and vibes with a left-leaning twist and delve yourself into the story behind the Berlin-based producer duo. As of March 2024, the tracks on this compilation have been streamed over 20 million times on Spotify. Printed on the inner sleeve of the gatefold of the double vinyl, the band explains in their own words the origins of their music, what moved them and the most important stages of their career that led to this milestone. 

The chapters are: 

  1. Lo-Fi hip hop - the roots
    2. An ocean of vibes, vibes, vibes
    3. Taking off with Indie Shuffle and the Hype Machine 
    4. High tea with Dan McRae aka The Hidden 
    5. The Lo-Fi family - a global community 
    6. Crafting beats in insular times - Into the blue 

Side A 
As Cool As You Please (Bastido Remix) rocomoco, The Hidden 02:56 
Falling Apart (Modokat Remix) rocomoco, Hoffy Beats 02:11 
Aurola (Inf & Rainn Remix) rocomoco, Bastido 02:21 
Warm Flicker (Uevo & Noflik Remix) rocomoco 02:19 
Years (Dualizm Remix) rocomoco 02:22 
Jiu (Saiko Remix) rocomoco 02:08 
Aurola (Monocloud Remix) rocomoco, Bastido 01:51 
Into The Blue (The Hidden Remix) rocomoco 02:22 
Side B 
Back At The Apartment (Devon Rea Remix) rocomoco, The Hidden 02:14 
Grooveshop ( Remix) rocomoco, Hoffy Beats 02:11 
Falling Apart (Toma Beats Remix) rocomoco, Hoffy Beats 02:16 
Floating (Ease & Taste Remix) rocomoco 02:25 
Far Away From Everything (Bastelbande Remix) rocomoco, The Hidden 02:58 
3:30 PM (Jam´addict Remix) rocomoco, The Hidden 02:26 
As Cool As You Please (Catch92 Remix) rocomoco, The Hidden 02:36 
Side C 
Jiu rocomoco 02:16 
Floating rocomoco 02:06 
3:30 PM rocomoco, The Hidden 02:32 
Falling Apart rocomoco, Hoffy Beats 02:19 
Far Away from Everything rocomoco, The Hidden 02:52 
Back At The Apartment rocomoco, The Hidden 02:15 
Cats In The Basket rocomoco, The Hidden 02:21 
When You Can Ride Like This rocomoco, 01:52 
Side D 
Colimba rocomoco 02:17 
Warm Flicker rocomoco 03:10 
Years rocomoco 02:14 
Grooveshop rocomoco, Hoffy Beats 02:24 
Aurola rocomoco, Bastido 02:06 
Djeep rocomoco, Devon Rea 02:38 
Into The Blue rocomoco 02:16 
As Cool As You Please rocomoco, The Hidden 02:26 
Artwork by itchi 5  

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