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Noflik & Showyou - Mystic Soul (Vinyl)

Noflik & Showyou - Mystic Soul (Vinyl)

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"Mystic Soul" is the second album by Showyou and Noflik, both talented Dutch producers. Showyou, also known as Olivier Bijland, and Noflik, known as Dimas Zantman, have spent two dedicated years in the studio crafting this album. The result is a rich tapestry of sounds, textures, and emotions that takes listeners on a unique musical journey. They've poured their energy and focus into each beat, revealing new facets of their talent along the way. With previous releases under their belt demonstrating their natural curiosity and capability, "Mystic Soul" stands as their most cohesive and evolutionary work to date.


Artwork by: Dimas Zantman




Side A

1. Stormy Love

2. Mystic Mirage

3. Lunar Lullaby

4. Brighter Days

5. Celestial


Side B

6. Midnight Secrets

7. Radiance

8. Sunrise

9. Clarity Feat. Peter Somuah

10. Exodus

11. Starlit

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