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Noflik & Showyou - Arboretum

Noflik & Showyou - Arboretum

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This collaborative project was born through friendship and a love for nature. Showyou would create these luscious guitar licks and loops then head over to Noflik’s studio where Noflik would add drum loops and they would work on all the tracks together as they precisely pieced together layers of textured sounds in each beat. The title comes from their other great love, nature. Arboretum is a “Botanical Collection or Garden” and each track represents a tree and the album is the garden.

From a great concept to a great sound. Noflik and Showyou blend both their styles in a seamless and effortless way to create 12 tracks of intricately detailed and chilled out lofi beats. There is a mixture of Hip Hop grooves, chillhop guitars, lofi textures and jazzy soulful melodies. Each track has its own stand out elements that keep the project interesting and all the tracks flow from start to finish in a beautifully cohesive album. This is set to be another greatly successful project from Noflik and a hugely noteworthy debut project for Showyou.

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