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Lia J - Date An Addict

Lia J - Date An Addict

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Date An Addict takes us through several stories of a love that couldn’t last. Outlining the inevitable pain of losing love and the different stages of dealing with a relationship ending until we all, ultimately, end up fine and a lot of times in a better position. This story takes the form of smooth hip hop inspired drum grooves, soulful & jazz infused chord progressions and forward thinking acoustic elements. The stand-out part of this project is the vocal performance from Lia J as she paints vivid imagery of a relatable narrative. Doing all of this in memorable melodies and pitch perfect delivery.


Teaming up with friends and fellow producers: Bastido & Mr. Mahous to bring us the lead single “Chardonnay” this track set the tone for the coming EP as it’s drums form steady grooves allowing chords to rise to melodies, vocals to take the listener on a journey and blues inspired guitar riffs that respond to the call of Lia J’s harmonies. As we move through the EP the narrative progresses and as does the instrumentation, taking influence from many genres as the 4 tracks evolve and take on their own direction almost like alternate routes to the same destination.
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