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Fthmlss - Misplaced (Coloured Vinyl & Obi Strip)

Fthmlss - Misplaced (Coloured Vinyl & Obi Strip)

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At its core, Fthmlss’ album “Misplaced” is a project about society, nature and our connection to the Earth. What began as Fthmlss’ own personal frustrations with his industrial surroundings and his subsequent fantasies of escape, has grown to become a complex narrative that questions our place within the natural world. Inviting us to explore our roots, “Misplaced” beckons us to take a look outside of society and what we perceive as the norm.

“Misplaced” takes the listener on a journey; from city lights up to mountain tops. From the depths of the ocean, lit only by bioluminescence, straight up to the endlessness of the clouds in the sky. These themes manifest in Fthmlss’ musicality effortlessly. There is a dreamy, other-worldly quality to the ebb and flow of ‘Misplaced’’s rhythms, which glues together the organic, earthy quality of the instrumentation with the dusty industrial textures of the percussion. Suffice to say, that below the surface of this project is a feeling that a lot of humanity has felt over the past year: a need for real change and an awakening.

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