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Fthmlss & Catch92 - Taijitu

Fthmlss & Catch92 - Taijitu

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As part of out Zodiac Series, producing mates Fthmlss & Catch92 have teamed up to take over November and provide us with our eleventh vinyl release on Aviary Bridge this year! Music's always better when you listen with friends, and making it is no different either, bringing BLBODES & James Dobson on board for a song each to make it a family affair.
If you're familiar with these two artists you will no doubt recoginise that lush lofi sound we've got to know form the pair and if you're not familiar, you can expect dusty beats, forward thinking grooves, saturated bass lines and 10 tracks of the upmost vibes.

"Taijitu is the symbolism of Yin Yang, a balance and equilibrium. Fthmlss & Catch92 set out to explore this balance of "Light" and "Dark" through music styles, instrumentation and all round vibes. Splitting the album into two sections, from the first side consisting of head nodding hip hop grooves and the second side consisting of more experimental rhythms and deep cuts.
We'll Let you decide which side is Yin and which is Yang."
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Catch92 brings a new dimension to Lo-Fi Beats with a unique perspective on the sound...

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