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Deeb - Gemini (Vinyl)

Deeb - Gemini (Vinyl)

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6/12 Zodiac Series


Dutch beatmaker 'Deeb' has been around for as long as we at Aviary can remember. An established name in the 'lofi' scene that was already there when it really hit off. Multiple early projects on Chillhop and releases on almost all bigger labels. Although Deeb is a friend of the family we're extremly proud to present you his latest album, on Aviary, titled Gemini. For those familiar with Deeb's sound Gemini will be exactly what you would expect from Deeb. For those that are just now being introduced to this artist; The classic Deeb sound is very introspective. Ambient atmospheres and strong but mellow drums that take the listener on a journey through an imaginary landscape made by their own subconscious. Just maybe slighty a bit too heavy for actual meditation guidance, but if you allow it to happen you'll feel reborn as soon as the record is over....plug in your headphones, sit back, get comfortable and just close your eyes.

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