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CRFT - The Light

CRFT - The Light

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This project “The Light'' is CRFT’s debut instrumental album and he puts years of knowledge and skills to use in carefully creating 7 tracks that sit together in perfect harmony. Influences from Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and Lo-Fi Beats all come together in this melting pot of sounds. Starting with the bumping lofi beat, “Paradox” sets us up for some of what’s in store further into this project. Paradox is also a collaboration with GXNXSIS who’s style intertwines with CRFT’s effortlessly and together they thrive. As we move through the album we have more Hip Hop inspired tracks like “Miracles”, but we also get to see the range of CRFT’s production skills as he delves into the more laid back and chillhop realms of the lofi sound with tracks like “The Mourning” and “Reflections”.

The narrative of the album is reflective of CRFT’s faith as it sonically depicts key moments in the story of christ. From the Paradox of his birth to the resurrection in the form of “Sonrise”. With features from GXNXSIS, Early Garden, DENYCE, Curio Watts, Luke Tidbury & Smith Beats this project is not only loaded with amazing music but also a roster of incredibly talented artists and friends of CRFT.
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CRFT aka Chris Craft, a native of Houston and resident of Atlanta is a skilled and inspirational music producer...

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