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Catch92 - Capricious

Catch92 - Capricious

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For over 10 years Catch92 has been learning, creating and honing his skills in the realms of music production and beat making. One year on from his debut release on Aviary Bridge Records and we welcome his first Album “Capricious”, a Lo-Fi meander through Jazz infused soundscapes and wave like grooves.

The Album title “Capricious” is defined as “given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour” or “changing according to no discernible rules; unpredictable.” A fitting word for a diverse collection of musical ideas and one which sits well with Catch92’s journey to find his signature sound.

Hailing from roots of chopped soulful Hip Hop beats “Capricious” endeavours to take step outside of this box and encompass influences from many other genres that influenced Catch92 across the years. For example, the percussion “Flounce” is taken from a 140bpm track, slowed down and reworked to bring it effortlessly in line with the sound we have come to know and love from Catch92.

The interest in big cats has always been one to follow Catch92 through his years and the addition of two small cats to his home in the last two years made the theme of the Album and Panther artwork an undeniable choice. The track titles denote verbs and adjectives related to cat like, animalistic movements and characteristics which were then taken and moulded into audio form with; dusty breaks, foley, delicate synth work, immersive guitar licks and deep bass lines.
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