Dimas, a beat maker from the Netherlands has been making music under the moniker Noflik, a name that pays homage to his heritage as it means nice in Frisian, a language spoken in certain parts of the Netherlands. Noflik has gained notoriety from his work with many reputable labels within the lofi scene, such as Inner Ocean, Plygrnd & Aviary Bridge Records and mostly for the utmost quality of his productions. Captivating melodies, thought provoking atmospheres and entrancing guitar riffs accompany some intriguing grooves and percussion, these are just some of the stand out features that have become a signature of Noflik’s sound. 

Noflik has currently amassed over 300 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify with placements on numerous editorials the likes of, Lofi Beats, Jazz Vibes, Mellow Beats, Lofi Hip-Hop, Chill Out Jazz etc.

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