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Ave Lynn - To Women Worldwide

"To Women Worldwide" captivates with Ave Lynn's soulful yet fiercely empowering vocals, intertwining seamlessly with Smeeagain's infectious grooves. The track's dynamic energy mirrors the strength and resilience of women globally. Ave Lynn's delivery adds depth, infusing the song with passion and conviction. This anthem for equality which releases on International Women's Day resonates with a potent combination of soulful melodies and a rhythmic intensity that ignites a spirit of change.

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Somewhere In Between

Introducing "Somewhere In Between" by RKZ - a captivating 3-track EP that seamlessly blends the realms of Hip-hop and R&B.

UK's very own RKZ takes center stage with his distinctive lyrics and a vocal sound that's both intimate and recognizable.

The EP offers a small and cozy sonic journey that invites listeners to explore the nuanced spaces of "Somewhere In Between".

RKZ's clever lyricism weaves tales that resonate, drawing you into his world with each word. His verses, delivered with precision and authenticity.

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  • RKZ

    RKZ (pronounced ‘Ricks’) is a singer, rapper and writer originally from Luton, based in London.

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  • Ave Lynn

    Ave Lynn puts her heart into her music, talking about relational struggles, feelings of awe and lessons learned.

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  • Uevo

    In a world where music is often just background noise, Uevo's music invites you to slow down, immerse yourself, and experience the world through his eyes.

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