Lia J

22-year-old German producer, vocalist, songwriter and composer Lia J, composes and produces Indie-Pop with Lofi Beats, Neo-Soul and RnB influences. A powerful and versatile voice delivers deep and insightful poetic lyrics in grooves and rhythms that captivate the listener. Lia dives into many themes and topics through her music, from love to loss or finding yourself through struggles. It’s this openness that allows people to instantly connect with Lia’s music on many levels.

Spending the pandemic travelling through Mexico has given Lia J a new outlook on life and a whole new wealth of inspiration. Now living back in her usual base of Dublin she has been working on a mass amount of new music that is itching to be released and performed on stages across the country.

On top of Lia J’s songs “Nothing to Lose” and “Summer Blues” gaining international recognition within playlists in the US and playlisted on German radio stations (Fritz, Deutschlandfunkkultur), she also has over a thousand loyal followers on Instagram and double this in monthly listeners on Spotify. Lia J is stepping out with vibrant lyrical music and has the perfect platform to start making waves.

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