Bruno Abspoel - Uevo


"I’m just trying to create a soundtrack to my life. Making music is a sort of meditation to me. It calms me down and makes me forget about everything else. I’m trying to capture my feelings and experiences, as well as my memories and dreams."

Uevo is an instrumental project by Dutch artist and producer Bruno Abspoel. Lush guitars, gentle melodies and smooth chords are recognisable elements in most of his music. He has been working with various artists such as Roelo, MiDN8, Monocloud, The Hidden and Prime8. He has also been featured in different editorial playlists such as lofi beats, Jazz Vibes and Chillhop.

Uevo has released 3 albums to date, with a 4th one in the making for late 2023. 

Uevo was truly born with the release of Distance, which was made in the beginning of the Covid19 lockdown. The project is characterised by its minimalism, natural feel and intertwining guitars.“ I suddenly had a lot of free time. Everyday for a month I went into the shed at my girlfriends house and just made music. Some days I was sitting there for hours in the freezing cold with a blanket and a portable heater.”

Retrospective is the second of the three, and is a minimalistic and heavy project about loss, forgiveness and past mistakes. With over a million streams, Inner Strength is the most iconic track of this project. “This track is where I reminded myself that I can do it, and sometimes it can be as easy as to look for your own Inner Strength to believe in that again.”

Up Above was made in a blast of inspiration and is a conceptual project about space. With dreamy synth pads, melodic guitars and deep drums. Up Above takes you on a journey from start to finish. “Up Above just came to me out of necessity, and the pieces fell together like a puzzle”.

Currently Uevo is recording a subsidised genre defying project in the realm of Hip-hop, Jazz, Indie Rock, R&B, and Lounge, featuring a range of musicians and vocalists. 


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