"What are you inspired by?"

"A sunset. A dream. Food. A simple gesture from a stranger. A good meditation session. I wish I could say there was a secret formula for inspiration and the creative process; however, I cannot claim anything of the sort." - Van Santos

The Golden Ohm, a husband and wife duo, not only produce music, they also create artwork and provide life advice. Van Santos, the musician of the two, favours a blend of dreamy - indeed haunting - synths blended with organic sounds of a piano. Rosalyn Decepida-Santos specialises in Dot Art and creates artwork which perfectly illustrates the music Van creates. 

The Golden Ohm's overall sound encompasses all the things that Van Santos is inspired by: Sunsets, dreams, good food, meditation and simple gestures from strangers. The Golden Ohm's music can be described as chilled, downtempo and ambient however you have to listen to it to truly grasp the beautifully unique sound that they have created.


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