"What are you inspired by?"

"The brain's perceptual hiccups and the everyday ambience we pay no mind to.”

“And how would you describe your music?”

“A subconscious translation of inner feelz.”


Originating from West Virginia, Seth O’Neill, (aka Sro) isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of his productions. His fascination with the imperfect, the unnoticed and the outright strange comes across in all of his productions, with tracks often progressing in an unconfined manner, twisting and turning in unexpected ways. His sound is best described as “psychedelic trip-hop”, however O’Neill uses a vast array sounds and techniques from various genres including IDM, 90s Hip Hop and even Funk, citing artists from DJ Shadow and Deadmau5 all the way to Gorillaz as sources of inspiration.

By utilising a combination of experimental atmospheres, odd synths and samples, Sro creates a unique and perplexing sound which manages to remain out of realms of nonsensical with the use of steady hip hop beats, bringing his productions (sort of) back down to the Earth. With his fascination of the subconscious, it is hardly surprising that Sro’s tracks often play out in such a way that dreams would: unpredictable, unrestricted and taking paths that are seldom forged.