Every Other Color - Mirrorish

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every other color mockup.jpg

Every Other Color - Mirrorish


PRO DUBBED C37 White cassettes supplied in clear cases.

Hailing from Maryland, USA, producer and guitarist Mirrorish’s debut album “Every Other Color” is bound to surprise you. At a glance, the album appears to sit comfortably under the jazz hop umbrella however, it is in fact an eclectic fusion of genres, inheriting characteristics from not only hip-hop but post-rock, chill wave and shoe-gaze. With it’s irregular beats and psychedelic riffs, it’s a distinctive collection of songs which engages you with it’s unpredictable tendencies. 

“Every Other Color” moves between two distinct edges; on one side, chopped up lofi beats, on the other, reverberating post-rock guitars, which enter the realms of shoe-gaze. 01 “Breakfast for Lunch”, the introductory track, is the red herring of the album, with plenty of jazzy elements and an absence of Mirrorish’s driven guitar riffs. It lures you into a false expectation, which is instantly shattered as soon as you reach 04 “Droner”, a spacious track with plenty of drive and reverb, which could easily be mistaken for a Cocteau Twins song. With these two drastically different tracks, Mirrorish establishes the vast spectrum he is willing to move between, combining genres as if they were never meant to be separated in the first place. The rest of the album moves between these two extremes, glued together by broken hip-hop beats that are bound to keep you on your toes.


A01. “Breakfast for Lunch”
A02. “Deadline”
A03. “Yam”
A04. “Droner”
A05. “Delay”
A06. “Drainer”
A07. “Every Other Color”

B08. “Interlude”
B09. “Cover”
B10. “Cycles”
B11. “SSDD”
B12. “Fret Less”
B13. “Under”
B14. “Above”
B15. “Finale”

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