Silk Road + Sage Combined Cassette - Climate

Sage Mockup.jpg
Sage Mockup.jpg

Silk Road + Sage Combined Cassette - Climate


C30 Dark Orange PRO DUBBED cassette tape

A combined cassette which features C l i m a t e’s debut EP “Silk Road” and his second EP “Sage”.

Side A “Sage” is a mixture of instrumental Hip Hop/Trip Hop with C l i m a t e’s now signature oriental instrumentation and glitch synths. The result is a surprisingly successful mix of upbeat funky moments with a feel-good vibe (even euphoric in places!).  The deeper purpose of this music is, as its title suggests, to highlight the wisdom of wise men from the twentieth century, conveyed cleverly throughout via speech samples which provide a clear narrative and a thought provoking experience.”

Side B “Silk Road” is artfully choreographed to capture the feeling of travelling along the Silk Road. Like one of the many routes of the Silk Road itself, the EP begins with a carefree afternoon in China, and later ends with our traveller crossing the border into India. ”Silk Road” is perfect to relax and study to, but it is also capable of inspiring nostalgia and wanderlust. Once you listen to the EP from start to finish a few times, you start to realise just how cinematic it is as a clear story unfolds.


Sage (Side A)
A01. “Woo-Ian Arts”
A02. “Dystopia”
A03. “Cinston Whurchill”
A04. “NOLA”
A05. “Monty”

Silk Road (Side B)
B01. “Vebee”
B02. “Stride”
B03. “East”
B04. “Rail”

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