"Late Night Espresso" - LeVirya

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"Late Night Espresso" - LeVirya


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LeVirya’s high anticipated “Late Night Espresso” is, in LeVirya’s words “an ode to lo-fi hip hop, cassette tape culture and coffee.” However, to claim the release is merely coffee themed would be to ignore the nuanced complexities throughout the album. With a known talent in capturing subtle emotions, LeVirya has, in a way, produced an album which functions as a “coffee break diary”. Each song offers a glimpse of the Dutch producer’s mindset and mood that day, coffee in hand.

Comprised of dusty beats, soulful saxophones and wistful flutes, “Late Night Espresso” makes for a quietly thoughtful listen. Woven together with the kind of sentimental undertones that are naturally encompassed by lo-fi vibes, it unleashes the sense of calm that comes with having a moment to truly think and be present. The album’s personable nature is perhaps born from the purpose it was made for; to be listened to on cassette tape. Giving it the air of something that is one-of-a-kind and secret. However, even for those who don’t own a cassette player, “Late Night Espresso” still offers the cassette experience, which is ultimately one of intimacy and nostalgia.


 Side A

A01. Morning Coffee
A02. Caffeinated Optimism
A03. Romance and Carajillo
A04. Red Sun (Feat. Elleodin)
A05. Coffee Break
A06. Voltaire
A07. Tuica (original mix)
A08. Dawn
A09. Ristretto

 Side B

B10. Black Bird (Feat. Elleodin)
B11. Coffee to Go
B12. French Coffee
B13. Caffeine Hangover
B14. A Friar's Coffee in Canale
B15. Nordic Karsk
B16. Mocha (Feat. Thomas Woodham)
B17. Dusk (Outro)        
B18. Tuica (Feat. sar.casm)

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