Episodes - Zesik

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Episodes - Zesik


PRO DUBBED C45 Vintage Silver Cassette

A trip hop album with dark, cinematic elements, “Episodes” immediately evokes a dusty city vibe which Zesik deftly puts together using a complex mix of intense, hard drum breaks, distorted synths and vintage detuned pianos. These are juxtaposed with gentle Rhodes, full-bodied saxophones and jazzy chord progressions, giving the album’s underlying eerie atmosphere some much-needed warmth. This distinguishing sound palette, layered with a sound quality reminiscent of old tapes, evokes a feeling of isolation. 

“Episodes” takes you on a journey; you’re in a deserted city jazz bar and the music hits you with its darkness and intensity…. but there are glimpses of a less stark feel in the middle, with respite from the tracks “Skit”; “Backfire” and “Underdog”. This refuge is short-lived, however, as it’s then back into a dark post-apocalyptic abyss. All in all, Zesik consistently conveys his unique atmospheres throughout the album, making it quite conceptual in nature. Overall, you’re bound to be drawn into this vivid cinematic. 


A01. “Walk with the Psycho”
A02. “I’m Free”
A03. “Passion Groove”
A04. “Point Zero”
A05. “The Defection”
A06. “Skit”

B07. “Backfire”
B08. “Underdog”
B09. “Black Mirror”
B10. “Frontline”
B11. “The Edge”
B12. “Outro”

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