"Dormin" - Human Centerpiece

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Dormin Mockup.jpg
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"Dormin" - Human Centerpiece


C45 Blackberry Purple

What is immediately noticeable when you listen to Human Centerpiece’s debut album “Dormin” is the sheer amount of variety on the release. The texan producer has kept an open mind when it comes to genre, incorporating characteristics from a full spectrum of his music taste, rather than limiting it for continuity’s sake. However, despite this, “Dormin” is anything but lacking continuity. Human Centerpiece has kept it tightly woven together with attributes known only to him; a masterful control of dynamics and space, as well a hint of sweet, gloomy darkness.

Human Centerpiece’s intention for “Dormin” was to provide a soundscape in which listeners could create their own story. Indeed, if you had to place the release into any genre, it would be ‘Cinematic’. Speech samples are placed throughout the album, providing hints towards a narrative, and yet keeping it elusive enough for a listener to go wild with their own imagination. The themes explored are clear; travel, homesickness, life and death provide a backdrop for bittersweet pianos, heavy synths and textured percussion. To conclude, this is a release that quite simply oozes depth and creativity, artfully put together with an emotional sensitivity that comes naturally to Human Centerpiece’s productions.


A01. Dive
A02. I Miss Home (feat. Racket)
A03. Last Call (Interlude)
A04. Machines Could Care
A05. Out There
A06. L i f e 

B01. Corrupt.wav
B02. Bend
B03. D e a t h
B04. Dormin (feat. Archer)
B05. Epilogue

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