Autumn Compilation Album

autumn mockup.jpg
autumn mockup.jpg

Autumn Compilation Album


C30 Indigo HOME DUBBED Cassette Tape

An album which captures the nostalgia and reflection that rolls in with the first signs of autumn. We challenged our current roster of artists to come up with a lo-fi / hip hop track which captures an autumnal feeling based on the image used for the album artwork.


A01. “Berceuse” - Human Centerpiece
A02. “High on Emotion” - Existence Music
A03. “Wild Growth” - Drchamploo
A04. “Slow Talk” - & sar.casm
A05. “A Passing Of Time” - LeVirya & Elleodin

B06. “J o u r n e y (Pt.2)” - Behind Clouds
B07. “Nothing More” - Elleodin
B08. “Rooms” - Nomenclature
B09. “Yiasemi” - Padma Purana
B10. “Autumnism” - LeVirya

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