"What kind of sounds do you use?"  
"There's some element of textured soundscapes in almost every track I produce. I love sound design, specifically taking field recordings and processing them repeatedly until I get an interesting sound." - Páraic McConkey


Irishman Páraic McConkey (PHÁSIN) creatively programs sounds dependent on his mood at the time. Generally favouring ambient downtempo with future garage characteristics, the resulting music is heavily digitalised, relying on organic textures to evoke a dark atmospheric musical environment: PHÁSIN’s ultimate aim.

PHÁSIN first studied a combination of music production and sound engineering during his time travelling around North America, which then continued once he returned back home to Ireland. His education has inspired a specific interest in sound design, which is evident throughout his productions due to the hands on approach he has in crafting the sounds he uses. By repeatedly processing his own field recordings, PHÁSIN creates his signature gritty soundscapes, an organic approach reminiscent of future garage pioneer Burial.

The overall result is McConkey’s own brand of ominously cinematic downtempo, informed by a specific fascination with the darker side of electronic music. Think Lorn, Holy Other and Burial all rolled into one eerie concoction.