The Hidden

British artist The Hidden is always evolving and adapting his private collection of lo-fi recordings, musical ideas and visual experiments. A hidden gem operating under the radar, pushing the boundaries of traditional lofi & chillhop sounds. In his work you will find a collage of orchestral recordings, lo-fi beats & personally recorded foley. He creates his own album Art and music videos & documentaries for himself and a large rosta of other artists such as fthmlss, Behind Clouds, Damaa Beats & rocomoco, cherrygrove, Inf & Tabi to name just a few. This fresh new artist's debut on Aviary Bridge Records in 2019 was with Berlin duo 'rocomoco' Their first E.P '3:30pm' quickly entered Hype Machine and gained rapid traction in the lo-fi scene. Their second E.P 'Wishing The Clouds Away' gained even further traction pushing their first year of stream over 1million. This was sealed by the release of their follow up single 'Cat's In The Basket' which got them positioned onto Spotify editorials pushing the streams over 3M.

rocomoco & The Hidden - Electric Paradise

  • The Science Museum

    Never one to conform, The Hidden branches out from his familiar sounds of luscious Lo-Fi grooves and seeks to intertwine them with more electronic and synth based instrumentation.

  • Wishing The Clouds Away

    rocomoco and The Hidden have returned with their second EP, “Wishing The Clouds Away”, a more somber addition to their cozy, chilled out repertoire.

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