A producer duo from Berlin releasing beats since 2018. Operating in chilled vibes, jazzy guitars and dusty beats with a forward-looking left-leaning edge.

Over their time have collaborated with other beatmakers like, shogonodo, ESAE, Bastido, Hoffy Beats, Tabi Lofi, STUCKINWAVEFORMS, The Hidden, Harry Hawaii and Devon Rea.

Picked by IndieShuffle and Spotify Fresh Finds got hyped for the first time in August 2018 with their third self-released single "floating".

rocomoco & The Hidden - Electric Paradise

  • Into The Blue

    If you like soulful jazzy beats that warm you from your ears to your toes then this album is the one for you....

  • Wishing The Clouds Away

    rocomoco and The Hidden have returned with their second EP, “Wishing The Clouds Away”, a more somber addition to their cozy, chilled out repertoire.

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