"Why did you start producing music?"

“In a weird way I felt like I had to. There are some things that can’t be described with words, things that would sound stupid if you said them out loud. It just feels easier to say these things through music.” - Espen Skagen


Norwegian producer and film maker Espen Skagen (Nomenclature) started experimenting with musical instruments when he was just 9 years old. At the age of 14, armed with a strong desire to compose, Skagen started putting tracks together with whatever DAW he could lay his hands on. This then led to Skagen's eventual career in the film industry as both a film maker and a composer.

Naturally, Nomenclature's music has been heavily inspired by film scores as well as cinematic / atmospheric producers such as Jon Hopkins and Burial. Favouring the sounds of trip hop, trap and synth pop, his tracks are interlaced with textures, heavy beats, and bittersweet melodies. His music often features juxtapositions between the familiar and the unfamiliar, such as a typical hip hop beat matched with an unusual chord progression or strange vocals. This fascination with such a contrast is most certainly drawn from his experience as a composer.

Nomenclature's deep and complex soundscapes create a unique listening experience which goes much deeper than simply expressing sadness with a minor key, or anger with powerful drums. Instead, Nomenclature takes his listeners to unfamiliar places, whilst also leaving behind an innate feeling of nostalgia.