"How would you describe your music?"

"I guess I would say atmospheric. I try to make music as immersive as possible by creating a dynamic space." - Hayden Gibbs


Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Human Centerpiece (Hayden Gibbs) creates immersive and emotional soundscapes reminiscent of film scores and soundtracks. In each of his songs, Human Centerpiece excels in creating ponderous moments by combining a dynamic use of space with subtle, wistful melodies. Distortion is an important part of his workflow and it is through his use of distortion that he brings out both the natural qualities and characteristic imperfections of artificial instruments.

He highlights the important role emotional response plays in his tracks and notes that β€œall genres have their own ways of evoking emotion and an opportunity to learn how they achieve that.” He is inspired by all forms of music, whether it be a composition in a film or video game, big band, jazz, an orchestra, hip hop or bluegrass.

Human Centerpiece