French producer Drchamploo (Sylvain Brehaut) has been composing for the past five years, during which time he has released four EPs: “Contemplations”; “Urban Waves” and “Groovebox” (Vols. 1 & 2) as well as composing for film, TV and video games.

Drchamploo's overall sound embodies Hip Hop and Jazz, both of which were predominant genres when he was growing up. Peppered with Lo-Fi characteristics, his groovy and soulful productions are expertly crafted, yet comforting and nostalgic. His influences, Nujabes, Gramatik and Bonobo echo clearly throughout his music and with his orchestral background and an education in music theory, Drchamploo's "musician's ear" and perfectionist nature are evident throughout his discography.

Since his first appearance on Aviary Bridge Records for the "Autumn" Compilation, Drchamploo's smooth and chilled out repertoire has been regularly featured our compilation albums including "Vol: 4: Indigo"; "Winter" and "Spring". His debut EP on Aviary Bridge Records, "Burning Blossom", was released May 17th 2018.