Crash Comet is the alias of 22-year-old producer Daniel Patterson from London, UK. His debut EP titled ‘Untold Stories’ was released October 2017 on Russian Drum and Bass label Invasion Recordings. The EP contains a collection of works that portray stories of love, war and loneliness. It takes strong influences from science fiction, animé and video games, and tells a simple story of a young girl and her journeys around her small galaxy. Crash Comet combines soft delicate instruments and synthesizers with hard-hitting electronic rhythms to create a unique Liquid Drum and Bass timbre. Untold Stories also features the talents of Singer/Songwriter ‘Bev Lee Harling’, famous for her work with Drum and Bass Producers Netsky and Etherwood.

In 2017 Crash Comet released Weapon, a dark Liquid Drum and Bass track that combines atmospheric electric guitar melodies, energetic liquid beats and powerful female vocals on UK Drum and Bass Label Nu Venture Records. He was also featured on Nu Venture Records and Invasion Recordings' end of year compilation albums. 

Crash Comet landed a release with Aviary Bridge Records after winning the remix competition for Safe Place's album "Daydreaming".

With multiple releases already under his belt and many more in the pipeline, the future looks promising for this young producer.

Crash Comet