"How would you describe your music?"
“A mix of deep, warped, glitchy keyboard layers, oriental instrumentals and fresh trip-hop beats! Listen to it if you’re driving for long distances, travelling by train, studying or if just want to put your headphones in and close yourself off from the world.” - Mark Almond


Mark Almond (C l i m a t e) had been thinking about making electronic music for a while. An opportunity arose when his friend cancelled their plans together, freeing up his afternoon. That day, he loaded up Garageband and created ‘East’ - the third track in his debut EP ’Silk Road’.

Although Climate has only been composing and producing music for a short amount of time, his debut EP 'Silk Road' has demonstrated a vast amount of raw talent and an innate ability to manipulate synths and samples into tracks with strong atmospheric narratives.

Now residing in Toulouse, France, Climate originally grew up near the creative hub of Brighton, UK. He then moved to Bristol, a city which is heavily associated with trip hop, producing the likes of Bonobo and Portishead. Like his Bristolian predecessors, Climate's overall sound is anchored by strong hip hop beats. His use of un-contemporary asian instruments is inspired by the time he spent living and working in Hong Kong, giving his music a fresh and whimsical edge.

An aerospace engineer by day, Climate notes that he draws a lot of his creativity from the innovative and vibrant people he is surrounded by at work and home, including his partner, Jacqueline Mak, a successful artist. These influences, from the people he's surrounded by to the places he's been, have made a clear impact on the music Climate creates. However, the way he deciphers and re-captures these experiences is a talent unique to him.

C l i m a t e