"Wot" - Sro

Just over a year after his debut EP, Sro has once again graced us with his abstract, unpredictable and somewhat bizarre productions in the form of  “Wot”, his first full album released via Aviary Bridge Records. Get ready to be transported into another dimension - with psychedelic beats and dreamy ambiences, Sro is taking us on another ride into the strange complexities of the subconscious. 

Produced by an artist who sees beauty in imperfection, Sro’s debut album “Wot” is as mesmerising as it is strange. A combination of lo-fi hip hop beats and an array of odd soundscapes, there are constant irregular turns and transformations throughout “Wot” that keep you on the edge of your seat. Phased synths and textures create plenty of chaos throughout the journey, however Sro grounds these oddities with recognisable hip hop beats, bringing the album (sort of) back to Earth. In conclusion, “Wot” is not dissimilar to a stream of consciousness that you would experience in dreams. Immerse yourself in it, and it will make perfect sense. Afterwards however, you might wonder what kind of crazy ride you just came off of.

“Wot” can be downloaded from: https://sromuchsound.bandcamp.com/album/wot


01. Roadside Toad
02. Reflection Drive
03. Fast Food
04. W3 25
05. Serious Business
06. Teasing Addiction
07. Talk
08. A D
09. Sleepy Desktop