"WLBRY.SESSION-1" - Paul Wilbury

Those who know of Paul Wilbury’s methods know that with each release, the Spanish producer makes a conscious effort to implement a new approach to the way he crafts his beats. His latest project “WLBRY.SESSION-1” is no different and is the first of a brand new series of tapes by Paul Wilbury titled “WLBRY.SESSION-X”. 

The overall aim of “WLBRY.SESSION-1” was to capture the raw penetrating sounds of the late 60s. Influenced by both jazz and rock recordings, as well as artists such as Mahavishnu Orchestra and Miles Davis, Paul Wilbury achieves his goal with the album’s distinct “grittiness” - a characteristic which certainly wasn’t as prevalent in previous releases. Most notably, “Horizontal Rust”, Paul Wilbury’s collaboration with NAKANO BLU, transcends beyond re-imagining the old by pairing sounds from the past with one of the newest sub-genres of electronic music, Lo-Fi House. Featuring the same overall driven and abstract sound of the rest of the album,“Horizontal Rust” envelopes the two producer’s styles and explores their personal takes on Lo-Fi House music.

In conclusion, “WLBRY.SESSION-1” is not to be missed if you’re searching for something new, edgy and a tad on the experimental side. With it’s darker feel, experimental tone and introduction to Lo-Fi House, it’s a refreshing addition to Paul Wilbury’s repertoire.

“WLBRY.SESSION-1” is available on all of your favourite streaming services. You can also download it from here: https://paulwilbury.bandcamp.com/album/wlbry-session-1

01. 50 cent Piece
02. Composition VI
03. Ohhh…Alright
04. Anabasis
05. Horizontal Rust
06. Summertime: Number 9A
07. Lavender and Mulberry
08. Nighthawks
09. 31 Janvier