"Winter" - Compilation Tape

As we did for Autumn, we challenged our current roster of artists to create a track for Winter. This time the tracks have been inspired by a picture of the Northern Lights, with an aim to capture the feeling of being in awe of nature's majesty. 

Fourteen different artists submitted their take. Each track demonstrates our artists' various genres, vibes and skill sets. However, the album flows as seamlessly as a spectrum of this singular theme, demonstrating how a idea can be interpreted in various ways.

'Winter' is available on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes! You can purchase and support the release here.

P.S, it's also ~ available on cassette tape ~ !

Artists & Tracks

Nomenclature - Fades
Drchamploo - Light Beam
Matic Satler - Frame.sec
Santport - Under the Auroral Oval
sar.casm - Ariamis
LeVirya - Snug Fire
Romulus - Embrace the Unknown
Archer Official - Savor the Moments
Aeson - Drowning in a Sea of Tears
Behind Clouds - Just a Quiet Place to Watch the Clouds Shift Colors (Ambertape Remix) 
Phásin - Coma
C l i m a t e - Dystopia
Crash Comet - Sunday Afternoon