Vol. 6: "Indigo"


Aviary Bridge Records’ offer up their sixth release in what can only be described as a unique approach to a compilation album!  The contemplatively titled “colour” series EPs are an intuitive response to music, which evokes the sensation/feeling of a certain colour.  Previous releases from this series have included Saffron and Indigo, for example.

“Violet”, with its gentle introspective beats, is an atmospheric fusion of Ambient and Cinematic genres with world/ethnic overtones, featuring the talents of Archer, Behind Clouds, Sub Hero and Romulus.  It takes you on a journey using downbeat, plus elements and instruments ultimately creating an almost meditative state. All in all, it’s emotional depth makes it a great choice for listening to on those long, hot summer days.

“Violet” can be downloaded from: https://aviarybridgerecords.bandcamp.com/album/vol-6-violet

Track List:

1.    Archer “Wormhole”
2.   Behind Clouds “Ready to Escape When You Are”
3.   Sub Hero “Float Away”
4.   Romulus “Es Lo Que Hay”