"The Dream" - Electronic Dream Foundation


‘The Dream’ is more of an experience than an album. It draws you in in an unexplainable way, causing you to listen to it in it’s entirety and leaving you feeling oddly calm and elated after the final track. Perhaps the best way to describe it would be as a session of guided meditation - one that you have entered into before you are even aware of it.

The first track ‘Arise’, full of ethnic drums and dreamy synths, is the perfect introduction to the experience of ’The Dream'. From there we fall straight into ‘Kaleidoscope’ an absolutely gorgeous track dripping with marimbas and hopeful melodies. We are then led into an undiscovered landscape by ‘Dreamcatcher’, a percussion driven track with lush piano synths.

 ‘Layers’ introduces us to a slightly darker tone which then prepares us for the depth of ‘Pulse', the deepest part of ’The Dream'. The beautifully floaty ’Stardust', full of gentle instruments and melancholy melodies, releases the listener from the deep contemplation brought on by the previous tracks and transports them to a fantastical place where thoughts can truly run free. We then conclude the album with ‘Geisha'. With addictive hand drums, it offers sunlight after the glittering darkness of Stardust, bringing the listener back into the room.