"The Fourth Monkey" - Nomenclature


Nomenclature (aka Espen Skagen) started experimenting with musical instruments aged nine and was producing his own music by fourteen, eventually leading to a career in the film industry as both a filmmaker and composer. Naturally, his music is heavily inspired by producers like Jon Hopkins, Burial, Nils Frahm and Jamie. Favouring the sounds of trip hop, trap and synth pop, he
textures his music with a combination of heavy beats and bittersweet melodies .

“The Fourth Monkey”, has a cinematic element, with moments which are simultaneously dark and expansive, but Nomenclature cleverly juxtaposes these with a feeling of euphoria and excitement. As such, whilst “The Fourth Monkey” clearly shows its influences, it also stands in its own unique space containing lots of glitch elements within its highly digitalised style; in brief – it is a collection of contrasts.

Clocking in at five tracks, “The Fourth Monkey” is available for download from: https://aviarybridgerecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-fourth-monkey

Track list:
“One”; “Bits”; “Push Buttons”; “Shuffle in Silence”; “Ax”