"Terra Incognita" - Zesik

After bringing out his extraordinary debut album “Episodes", Zesik yet again hits the ground running with his second body of work “Terra Incognita”. Known his hard drum breaks, dusty instrumentals and the conceptual nature of his music, Zesik has produced an EP which embodies dark trip hop with cinematic elements, balanced out with the haunting warmth of Zesik’s jazzier side.

Though this EP is just as visual as it’s predecessor, Thematically “Terra Incognita” is a lot lighter and brighter than Zesik’s previous release, taking away some of his more isolated atmospheres and replacing them with clear pianos and pure icy synths. In short, If “Episodes” was a post-apocalyptic city, “Terra Incognita” is a futuristic dystopian metropolis. Whether “Terra Incognita” is a sequel or a prequel to “Episodes”, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

“Terra Incognita” can be downloaded from: https://zesik.bandcamp.com/album/terra-incognita


01. Terra Incognita
02. Midnight
03. The Punisher
04. Smoky Nights
05. Revenge
06. Trip Continues