"Short Stories" - Human Centerpiece

“Short Stories” is a collection of five tracks that have a special meaning to the Human Centerpiece in some way. Indeed, as the title suggests, there are personable characteristics to these tracks, of which have been constructed in ways that express the complexity of the feelings behind the stories brought to us by the Texan producer. The result is an EP laden with songs that are each conceptual in their own right.

"Cold Summer" - Roshi

Roshi’s first album release with Aviary Bridge Records is an evolving and boundless project which explores various sectors of the electronic music scene. An album filled with contrasts, “Cold Summer” is indeed an apt description for the release. In the background, nostalgic summery vibes combine with gentle icy ambience. In the foreground, organic instruments gently play alongside aggressive synthesised basses. One of “Cold Summer”’s most notable characteristics is it’s spaciousness; this is an album that should be listened to on headphones for the full intended experience.

"Desire" - Archer

“Desire” is a highly emotive album with a mysterious, thought-provoking narrative. Archer has combined old with new by infusing ambient synths and atmospheres with trap beats, reminiscent of the days when he produced this contrasting side of electronic music. With haunting vocals and gentle pianos, Desire will capture your imagination, and there’s a strong chance you’ll lose yourself there.