"Remember (The Dream)" - Electronic Dream Foundation


A little over one year ago now we released 'The Dream' by Electronic Dream Foundation. We had always planned for the well received album to have some sort of deluxe version, but now we present to you something even better: a new remix album complete with raw demo versions of Arise and Pulse.

Austin Lee Goza, MackBack, Behind Clouds, LeVirya, Victor Rose, Ruslan Lepatov, Damir Klaric, sar.casm and Man in a Loft gave it everything they've got to remix tracks Kaleidoscope, Geisha, Stardust and Arise to put together this record. The intriguing new artwork for the remix album was made by skilled illustrator Cameron Brooks

Has it been a while since you listened to the original album? Refresh your memory by listening to The Dream.