"Konbini" - Mayaewk

An EP written during the quiet hours between midnight and dawn after Mayaewk’s gigs in Japan, “Konbini” (AKA a convenience store) is an ode to the place that offered Mayaewk food, cigarettes and comfort when nowhere else was open. Heavily inspired by the Japanese vinyl he had been purchasing and listening to at the time, this particular EP is unique in the way it so clearly offers a slice of Mayaewk’s experience of Tokyo. 

Mayaewk combines mellow lo-fi beats with old Japanese samples, producing a body of work which has the juxtaposing feeling of being both chilled out and eerie (see 05. Sancha and 06. Kawaii). This contrast could be said to embody the feeling of living in a country so different from your own, however, on the opposite end of the scale, there are plenty of elements within “Konbini” (see 03. Mirai) that emulate the excitement that comes with exploring a new place. In short, “Konbini” offers the comforting refuge of a real-life Konbini, an essential to everyday life in Japan. Whereas, it’s more eccentric components epitomise a strange new world outside.

“Konbini” is available on all of your favourite streaming services. You can also download it from here: https://aviarybridgerecords.bandcamp.com/album/konbini


01. Morning
02. Genki
03. Mirai
04. Let_s go
05. Sancha
06. Kawaii