"Iridescent" - Elleodin

Upon listening to Elleodin’s debut EP “Iridescent”, one can almost see the colours and imagine the smells of the dreamscapes she has created. Largely fuelled by her sound-colour synesthesia, each track has a unique atmosphere saturated in floaty synths and organic instruments. Accompanied by instances of her vocals, bass guitar and recordings, and through various techniques and experimentation, the result is five tracks that wildly differentiate from each other and yet fit beautifully together.

For “Iridescent”, Elleodin has combined various corners of the electronic music scene, with clear influences which mostly stem from the downtempo music scene, but also venture into the realms of lo-fi and shoegaze. The sound-heavy quality which largely characterises the EP could even be said to be similar to that of witch house, but perhaps with an organic, rather than an industrial, finish. Peaceful yet powerful, with moments of intimacy and fantasy alike, if you’re looking for an escape, “Iridescent” is one that’s not to be missed.

“Iridescent” is available on all of your favourite streaming services. You can also download it from here: https://elleodin.bandcamp.com/album/iridescent

01. Wing Commander Angel
02. Jasmine
03. A L I V E
04. Bloom
05. Tundra

Credits: //


Asano Tsutsumi

Léon Permentier

“Wing Commander Angel”: Violin
Dominic Sewell

“Bloom”: Bass and Additional Drums
Léon Permentier