PHÁSIN creatively programs sounds dependent on his mood at the time. Generally favouring ambient downtempo with future garage characteristics, the resulting music is heavily digitalised, relying on organic textures to evoke a dark atmospheric musical environment: PHÁSIN’s ultimate aim.

“INIT.1” is indeed a very dark (even creepy at times!) E.P. with strong cinematic elements.  It leaves you feeling as though you’ve landed in a dystopian future where you’ve unwittingly become trapped in a computer - reminiscent of “The Matrix” and its precursor “The Thirteenth Floor”.  It also favours cyclic elements:  the ending of track 6 (“Reboot”) flips back to the beginning of track 2 (“FNF”) leaving you with the same sensation as when a computer system reboots….  The addition of quite ominous sounding voice samples completes the picture.

“INIT.1” features six tracks and is available to download from:


Artist site: https://aviarybridgerecords.com/phasin

Track list:

“Error 404”; “FNF”; “Pull Down”; “Single User”; “Structures”; “Reboot”