"I'm Right Here" - LeVirya & Garot Michael Conklin

Ethereal, spacious and heavily emotive, LeVirya’s EP “I’m Right Here” was written for his mother, who sadly passed away on the 1st of April after a long fight against cancer. A direct link to Permentier’s headspace at the time, “I’m Right Here” explores the ebbs and flows of the feelings that come from having to say goodbye to someone you love. For this emotionally charged EP, LeVirya is joined by Garot Michael Conklin, who brings out this release’s sentimental vibes with his sublime trumpet solos.

LeVirya has always added organic elements to his productions, giving them a breath of nature. “I’m Right Here” no different, and in fact this characteristic is only expanded upon with the addition of Garot Michael Conklin’s trumpet solos, which give these tracks a boundless quality. Like a long amble in a expansive forest, “I’m Right Here” offers solace and a contemplative space, exploring the beauty and the depths of human relationships. This is an EP which deals with the emotions of walking alongside someone who’s walked with you since the very beginning, but knowing a day will soon come where they won’t be around. In conclusion, “I’m Right Here” is an example of how music can express that which words alone cannot begin to explain. 

“I’m Right Here” is available on all of your favourite streaming services. You can also download it from here: https://levirya.bandcamp.com/album/im-right-here

01. I’m Right Here
02. When Everything Matters
03. Please Stay